Responsible Gambling

I have compiled this guide to responsible gambling to help you stay in control whenever you choose to gamble online, and you set about playing in a real money playing environment at any of our featured casino sites.

The first thing I would like you to be aware of is that you can play any casino games for free and at no risk whatsoever at any of the casino sites that offer the Book of Dead slot game that are featured throughout this website, so you are never going to be forced to have to play for real money.

That said, you are always going to be tempted to play that slot or any other casino game at some point in time in a real money mode, and I will now pass onto you a few handy tips to ensure you always stay in control and gamble responsibly when you do so.

Deposit Limits and Other Settings

For added protection and to ensure that you do not overspend when playing at licensed gambling sites, a range of player adjustable settings will become available to you when logging into your real money casino account.

One that you should make use of is the deposit limit setting, you can choose a time period it will be in place and then you select an amount and once you reach that limit you will not be able to make additional deposits into your account until the time period has expired.

Take a Break

One extremely handy feature that you should consider making use of is the take a break option setting. By activating it you can select a time period that you will be denied access to your real money casino account.

So, if you do fancy stepping back from your gambling activities then do consider utilizing that option setting, and many people do ten to use it when they have a large withdrawal pending to stop them running the risk of being tempted to reverse some or even all of their cash out and risk losing those winnings back to the casino site.


There is one step that you can take, to ensure that you can never access any licensed gambling sites, and that is to self-exclude yourself from each of them.

The act of self-exclusion will see you having to contact each gambling site that you have an account at and tell them you have a gambling problem and want them to ban you from playing at their sites again.

You will often find it is an easy thing to do, and will simply have to fill in a form, and once completed you will then be denied access to any accounts you have at that site and will be permanently banned from opening up and additional accounts in the future too.

Whilst it can be time consuming self-excluding yourself from multiple different casino and gambling sites it is something you should do, in fact there are some organisations out there such as GamStop that allow you to self-exclude yourself from all gambling sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Be aware that some other different countries also offer a similar scheme too.

You will find information about self-exclusion on the websites of all casinos, so if that is something you need to do to help you stop gambling then make sure you read through those sections of the casino websites.

Additional Help and Support

I am pleased to let you know that there are support groups out there that are available 24 hours a day who can and will offer you free and completely confidential help and support with any type of gambling related problem or problems that you are experiencing.

You should never be afraid to read out for help, for when you do it will often feel like a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders when you make that first step to get your gambling problems well and truly under control.

As for just which granitizations and help groups are available to you, well it will all be dependent on just where you live in the world, however one excellent place to start is the Gamblers Anonymous website.

They have groups in many different countries of the world and offer all manner of different support services in most towns and cities across the globe as well, so in most instances you will never be far away from one of their groups.

Their website is also a great resource and as such if you are in any way wary or even afraid of contacting them, then have a good look over their website as you will relate to what they are saying upon that site and will find plenty of valuable resources that are available completely free or charge, and you will find their contact details on that website too of course.