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This Privacy Policy for the website is compiled in conjunction with our additional set of Terms and Conditions, so please do refer to the latter using the links at the foot of any page, once you have familiar yourself with this Privacy Policy.

We do use cookies on this website, and you can opt out of using them if you so desire but please be aware by doing so some sections of this website may not operate in the way they have been designed. You are free to remove our cookies at any time and to do so please refer to the web browser you are accessing this site from for full instructions on how to do so.

At no point in time are we going to require you to sign up or register to be able to access the content found upon this website, and therefore you are more than welcome to visit this site at any time safe in the knowledge you will not have to giver us any of your personal information when doing so.

As mentioned up above we do use cookies on this website and as such whenever you visit out site a cookie will be placed onto the device you are using to visit this website which could be via a computer, laptop, mobile or smart phone or you may be accessing this site using a tablet device.

If you do choose to get in touch and contact us via our email address displayed upon this website, please do have the peace of mind in know that we will only ever reply to you regarding any questions you have asked and will answer your question.

Also, it is important for you to allow a few days for us to respond, and by contacting us via email be aware we will never store your email address or use it to send out any marketing material, unless you specifically ask us to do so.

You may be interested in signing up for any newsletters or enter any competitions that we make choose to make available to you on our website and if so then you will be required to furnish us with some personal information, and it will be in those circumstances pass on your information to third parties to allow them to for example send out any prizes that you may have won if they sponsored those competitions.

Just so you know, any information you do supply us with will be stored safely and securely at all times, but be aware that no system is 100% safe, but at all times and to the best of our ability we will do everything we can possibly do to ensure your personal information is kept safe and secure to the best of our ability.

From time to time we could permit our website visitors to post and leave comments, feedback, or suggestions on this website and as such to allow you to do so we will require you to furnish us with some personal information such as your name and email address.

Please do make dure though that when deciding on a username you use one that does not identify you personally unless of course you wish to be identified.

If at any time in the future we update this Privacy Policy we will timestamp those changes below, so please do ensure that you check this section of the website regularly to see if this Privacy Policy has changed on any subsequent visit to this website.

As you will see when looking around this website, we do showcase a range of casino sites and sometimes additional service providers that we feel may be of interest to you, and if you click through any of our advertisement links and/or banners we may receive a commission from those third-party casinos or service providers.

It is important that you understand we do not own or operate those third-party casinos or service providers and when visiting their websites you will need to familiarise yourself with their privacy policies and their terms and conditions as well.

When clicking on any advertising links or banners a cookie will be placed onto your device to allow those third-party sites to know that you have been referred to their website from this website and that way, they can make any exclusive promotional offers showcased on our website available to you personally.

Any bonuses or additional promotional offers and deals are subject to change at any time of course and the onus is on you to check to see if they are still available, as they can change or be amended at any time, so please do always keep that in mind and do check to see if such offers are still available before signing up to any casino site.